Tuesday, December 14, 2010

I ate Church's Chicken's Crispy Chicken Taco and all you get is this lousy review!

Crispy Chicken Taco (Church's Chicken)
Price: $0.99
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This may shock some of you, but I really, really like tacos. While I should probably be trying, at least minimally, to not perpetuate a stereotype, the truth is that between carry-out and cooking them myself, on an average week I will eat tacos three to four times. I make tacos out of things that aren't tacos by wrapping them in tortillas, like fried chicken, and macaroni and cheese and hot dogs. In fact, I like tacos so much that when I found out that Church's Chicken had NEW crispy chicken tacos, instead of reacting with skepticism and/or disdain, I got really excited and knew that it was my civic duty to try these things.

From a Church's Chicken press release via EarthTimes.org:

Church's Crispy Chicken Taco is made with a freshly prepared crispy flour shell filled with seasoned chicken topped with shredded lettuce and real shredded cheddar cheese. It has a traditional Southwestern flavor profile. Church's guests can purchase two Crispy Chicken Tacos with crispy fries and a regular drink for $3.99 or one taco for only 99 cents.

Yes, they cost twice as much as Jack in the Box's cult-favorite equivalent, but they are made with chicken, and are a whole hell of a lot better.

The shredded chicken filling (from what I could tell, I mix of light and dark meat, though the latter was predominant) is mixed with a relatively tasty taco sauce/seasoning, and is juicy enough to provide a nice contrast to the crispiness of the shell. Oh yes, the shell. The crispy, deep-fried flour-tortilla shell essentially makes this a giant flauta, which made me, frankly, antsy in the pantsy. Yes, this one element instantly lends this item more Mexican street cred than anything on any other major fast-food-chain menu. The lettuce and cheese don't really provide much more in the way of gravitas, but the aforementioned shell-and-meat combo could still kick ass on its own.

This item would otherwise receive an adequate, middle-of-the-road rating — the filling combo, for chicken, is good but not life-changing — except that the shell kicks so much ass (yes, the shell kicks ass... I cannot stress how much this shell rules) that it gets an extra half me-head.


(EarthTimes.org, Churchs.com, Photo Credit: Business Wire)

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  1. These things are gross. I purchased them through the drive up window. I took 3 bites and went back through the drive up window and returned them. They apologized and gave me 2 chicken tenders and a biscuit. If you think these things taste anything like a taco, you don't need to be reviewing restaurants! The taco sauce is so weak, it has no hope of killing the vile taste of the taco filling. The only redeeming quality was in fact the shell Its the only reason I tried the 2nd and 3rd bite. Try again. You must have been drinking when you ate these things.